Central Coast Social Golf


Central Coast Leagues Club Social Golf Club play each Sunday morning, with most games held at Gosford Golf Course.  Early starts ensure that you don’t need to spend a full day to get in a golf game. 


Both male & female Central Coast Leagues club members are welcome and we cater for varying levels of skill, with all players receiving a handicap. So if you are looking for a Central Coast Social Golf Club please contact us.


There are weekly competitions, trophy events throughout the year and visitations from/to other Social Golf Clubs.  It is ideal for golfers wanting to have regular games, without having to join a Golf Club.


Also, if you are a member of Gosford Golf Club and are having difficulty meeting the club's Sunday competition schedule, it is possible to play in our competition and the Golf Club's competition, in conjunction.  These games will then count towards maintaining your AGU handicap.